We are excited to share our full length album "Yowl at the Moon"
Recorded live in our home studio, mixed by Matty, and mastered at Small Axe Sudios

CD Release Show Date: 7/1/23
Available To Stream Online: 7/28/23

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About The Band

Vox/Guitars - Matty J

Matty sings like an old Louisiana blues musician who just stubbed his toe. In his spare time he enjoys humorously photoshopping ridiculous things, doing awful celebrity impressions, and going into complete financial ruin from his crippling music gear addiction. Both the characters of Cheech & Chong were inspired by his actual life, although they had to be toned down considerably before the movie studios would approve the rampant drug use. It is rumored that he is both nocturnal, and that he does not sleep. He continues to refuse to answer any personal questions that are not about cats.

Vox/Guitars - David Moore

Dave has a penchant for fine bourbons. He is the proud owner of 2 possibly 3 cats, a badass motorcycle, and some seriously wicked cool vintage keyboards. In his spare time he enjoys basketball, console based gaming, and making delicious soups. He's fluent in 69 languages including several versions of 'Californian' and he already saved the whales. We're pretty sure at one time, he also bedded Barbara Streisand and beat Ted Nugent at arm wrestling...in the same night.

Drums/Percussion - Mark J Anderson

Mark enjoys fishing, hunting mushrooms, and sampling damn fine cheeses from around the world. Mark is excellent at erections. He can build almost anything from wood, fire, and other earthly elements. He constructed our band cave from nothing but a 12 pack of corona, a sequoia tree, a child's toy hammer, and several of his beard hairs which he used like #10 nails. His sweat is flammable and 80 proof, and he holds seventeen world records. They aren't his, but he stole them and likes to hold them up on stage.

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