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About Us

We bring you high energy comedy shows featuring the best up and coming local and regional comedians. We showcase rising stars in the underground comedy scene to bring you fresh comedy at fun venues for a truly memorable experience.

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We assembled a crack team of clever comedians from truly questionable backgrounds.

Benjamin Blue Abben


One of the founding fathers of Rogue Comedy Underground. His colorful routines have been gracing stages for enough years that he has nearly offended people from every walk of life. Known for his impressions and on stage ad libs, his comedy talent is only overshadowed by his impressive and numerous photos of his own home cooked meals on facebook.

Matty J

Matty created Rogue Comedy Underground along with Ben. His unique take on life combined with a love for pushing the boundaries of an audiences comfort level, make for truly memorable sets. A versatile comic with a love for thought provoking jokes and sharing too much personal information.

Kenzie McKillip


Kenzie entered the comedy scene after discovering becoming a philosopher doesn't make enough money to move out of her parent's house. Her ideal world would be a place where it feels socially acceptable to laugh when a nearly empty ketchup bottle makes a noise reminiscent to that of flatulence. On her free time, Kenzie likes to pretend that someday she will use her gym membership.

Nick Makar


Nick makes inappropriate jokes with the same passion as a white girl named Karen makes complaints to the manager. By day he is a personal trainer, and by night he is blurring gender lines to get free drinks in bars across the west coast. He invites you to come experience the sort of jokes that will make you feel uncomfortable and like a bad person for laughing at. Also, he's a total sucker for kitties.

Bridget Bennett

Bridget describes herself as a dry comic who's waiting for her role in a feature, where she can keep her clothes on. She says, "People have been laughing at me my entire life, so i figured it's about time I make a career out of it. Comedy is my escape, it's too bad it always leads to a room full of drunks. If you ever see me out on the street, feel free to come tell me you like my jokes. It makes this all a little less painful." Follow her @SpaceBridget


Freeway Farrell

Freeway Farrell has always been in the entertainment business. Thirty-two years, he began his career as a Disc Jockey in a roller rink and hosting his own weekend time slot as a DJ at a local radio station. This later led to traveling the country while working as an on-air personality for various radio stations, as well as maintaining regular spot in the local stand-up comedy scene.


Autumn Cummings

By day she's saving asses in the I.T. department. By night, she's hunting them on tinder. Autumn brings a unique perspective, as a west coast native who was essentially raised by Cheech and Chong. Part hippie, part Republican, with a healthy dash of tank girl for good measure.


Levi Anderson

Levi began performing in 2002 and went on to found Black Market Comedy in 2006, one of our partner groups that regularly host road comics in the Rogue Valley. Levi is a seasoned comic, and a regular writer and performer for "Funny As L" sketch comedy. He is also basically the kid from A Christmas Story, all grown up.


Sean Ryan


Our diversity hire. A college dropout who is trying to help fix the world's problems one dick joke at a time. He started doing stand up comedy to help lower his self esteem and project his insecurities all across the Pacific Northwest.

Carl Lee


Carl has toured all over the U.S. with comics such as Ron White, Mo'Nique, Bill Bellamy and more. He was featured on Last Comic Standing and The Bob & Tom Show. He is also the resident host at Chadwick's in Medford. We put him last cause his resume makes us all look like hacks.


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